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Combining the Best SEO and SMO in Traffic Generation

28 Sep

Combining the Best SEO and SMO in Traffic Generation

Maybe you’re just starting fabricating your social media presence or maybe you’re an experienced pro with Search Engine Optimization, who’s discerning about doing a major renovation, so if you wanna drive to get more search engine traffic, and boost social media presence here are my advices and tips you can take to help you build the right projections and connections in your blogging and business endeavors.

Search Engine Optimization

Make Google Search Engine Optimization your primary target by all means. Let me go directly to the main points of Google SEO. You must know that Google Search Algorithm is now focusing on contextual linking. Try to search on Google and you will notice what I am saying. Obviously, Google is prioritizing content for organic search. It goes like this, the more content the better and the more contextual backlinks pointing to your content is the best. Search engines’ traffic will then just flow over the knee of your niched website.

Social Media Optimization

The best thing is that even search engines also considered social media signals in their rankings. With the advancement of social media today, the development of Social Media Optimization in gaining backlinks and popularity from popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, is being targeted towards real time searching. This means that, the more presence you can give on the social media sites, the greater chances that your SEO will progress.

A tweet is a powerful message composed of 140 characters or less, with a flexible link shortening and with multi-protocol services. Your tweets will get you anywhere taking you to all your followers and to various enthusiastic social search services. For SEO’s concern, you can see it that Google cache the most tweeted content of your website. Habitually, when the page is most tweeted, Google will take the initiative to rank it to the SERPs.

Here’s another great button in social media today. The prevailing Facebook “Like” button and a power “share” is being considered as most powerful widget or plugin. The idea behind this Facebook Likes and share is to give ample access to data to the most discerning web users.

In Facebook, if the status is being liked by many, you will see that your status will be on the top news. This means that all who have liked the status have given it significance. And you know search engines now look at links being shared on Facebook profiles and Fan Pages that are marked as being shared to “everyone”. So it follows then that when your link will be liked or shared most by everyone, you’re not only having traffic from Facebook itself, you also have the chance  that it will be indexed and definitely gets higher organic search ranking.

So there you have it. Always remember that we are living now in the world of online advancements. Get used to Search engines, blogs, and social networks for all these will help you generate quality traffic.


SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

27 Sep

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

The SEO or Search Engine Optimisation / optimization work done by many companies has been named various things… “A black art”, the “Google dance” and just “too bloody hard.” It is indeed not easy and we have been studying the rules of optimisation (optimization) for over years with continued successes.

We are often approached by businesses that see we are getting results for our clients, sometimes our own client competitors. If the site is being managed by a third party web design company / internet consultancy, then also we can provide SEO services. Search Engine Optimization should be considered as long serious complex efforts, aimed to bring your web site to the top of search engine result pages.



Domain Registration in Delhi

26 Sep

Domain Registration in Delhi

Domain registration and hosting may seem cumbersome to you. At Acme, we try to make it as simple as possible. Domain names have to be paid for annually. The sum paid to the registration authority is very affordable. Sometimes, renewal fees will be less than the initial registration fee.One thing to keep in mind during domain registration is to make sure that your name is registered as the owner of the domain you purchase. Some unscrupulous web hosts are known to put their own names in the place of the website owner, and later charge exorbitant fees to allow the actual buyer to continue using the name. Therefore, it is best to choose a reliable service for this purpose. We at Acme Graphix’s offer smooth services, exactly according to your wishes, and without any undesired intervention whatsoever.


Power Searching with Google is back

25 Sep

Power Searching with Google is back

If you missed Power Searching with Google a few months ago or were unable to complete the course the first time around, now’s your chance to sign up again for our free online course that aims to empower our users with the tools and knowledge to find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily.


The community-based course features six 50-minute classes along with interactive activities and the opportunity to hear from search experts and Googlers about how search works. Beginning September 24, you can take the classes over a two-week period, share what you learn with other students in a community forum, and complete the course assessments to earn a certificate of completion.


During the course’s first run in July, people told us how they not only liked learning about new features and more efficient ways to use Google, but they also enjoyed sharing tips and learning from one another through the forums and Hangouts. Ninety-six percent of people who completed the course also said they liked the format and would be interested in taking similar courses, so we plan to offer a suite of upcoming courses in the coming months, including Advanced Power Searching.


Stay tuned for further announcements on those upcoming courses, and don’t forget to register now for Power Searching with Google. You’ll learn about things like how to search by color, image, and time and how to solve harder trivia questions like our A Google a Day questions. We’ll see you when we start up in two weeks!


Structure Data Testing Tools

21 Sep

Structure Data Testing Tools

Today we’re excited to share the launch of a shiny new version of the rich snippet testing tool, now called the structured data testing tool. The major improvements are:


  • We’ve improved how we display rich snippets in the testing tool to better match how they appear in search results.


  • The brand new visual design makes it clearer what structured data we can extract from the page, and how that may be shown in our search results.


  • The tool is now available in languages other than English to help webmasters from around the world build structured-data-enabled websites.



Website Testing & Google Search

20 Sep

Website Testing & Google Search

We’ve gotten several questions recently about whether website testing—such as A/B or multivariate testing—affects a site’s performance in search results. We’re glad you’re asking, because we’re glad you’re testing! A/B and multivariate testing are great ways of making sure that what you’re offering really appeals to your users.

Before we dig into the implications for search, a brief primer:
Website testing is when you try out different versions of your website (or a part of your website), and collect data about how users react to each version. You use software to track which version causes users to do-what-you-want-them-to-do most often: which one results in the most purchases, or the most email signups, or whatever you’re testing for. After the test is finished you can update your website to use the “winner” of the test—the most effective content.

A/B testing is when you run a test by creating multiple versions of a page, each with its own URL. When users try to access the original URL, you redirect some of them to each of the variation URLs and then compare users’ behaviour to see which page is most effective.

Multivariate testing is when you use software to change differents parts of your website on the fly. You can test changes to multiple parts of a page—say, the heading, a photo, and the ‘Add to Cart’ button—and the software will show variations of each of these sections to users in different combinations and then statistically analyze which variations are the most effective. Only one URL is involved; the variations are inserted dynamically on the page.

So how does this affect what Googlebot sees on your site? Will serving different content variants change how your site ranks? Below are some guidelines for running an effective test with minimal impact on your site’s search performance.

  • No cloaking.
    Cloaking—showing one set of content to humans, and a different set to Googlebot—is against our Webmaster Guidelines, whether you’re running a test or not. Make sure that you’re not deciding whether to serve the test, or which content variant to serve, based on user-agent. An example of this would be always serving the original content when you see the user-agent “Googlebot.” Remember that infringing our Guidelines can get your site demoted or removed from Google search results—probably not the desired outcome of your test.
  • Use rel=“canonical”.
    If you’re running an A/B test with multiple URLs, you can use the rel=“canonical” link attribute on all of your alternate URLs to indicate that the original URL is the preferred version. We recommend using rel=“canonical” rather than a noindex meta tag because it more closely matches your intent in this situation. Let’s say you were testing variations of your homepage; you don’t want search engines to not index your homepage, you just want them to understand that all the test URLs are close duplicates or variations on the original URL and should be grouped as such, with the original URL as the canonical. Using noindex rather than rel=“canonical” in such a situation can sometimes have unexpected effects (e.g., if for some reason we choose one of the variant URLs as the canonical, the “original” URL might also get dropped from the index since it would get treated as a duplicate).
  • Use 302s, not 301s.
    If you’re running an A/B test that redirects users from the original URL to a variation URL, use a 302 (temporary) redirect, not a 301 (permanent) redirect. This tells search engines that this redirect is temporary—it will only be in place as long as you’re running the experiment—and that they should keep the original URL in their index rather than replacing it with the target of the redirect (the test page). JavaScript-based redirects are also fine.
  • Only run the experiment as long as necessary.
    The amount of time required for a reliable test will vary depending on factors like your conversion rates, and how much traffic your website gets; a good testing tool should tell you when you’ve gathered enough data to draw a reliable conclusion. Once you’ve concluded the test, you should update your site with the desired content variation(s) and remove all elements of the test as soon as possible, such as alternate URLs or testing scripts and markup. If we discover a site running an experiment for an unnecessarily long time, we may interpret this as an attempt to deceive search engines and take action accordingly. This is especially true if you’re serving one content variant to a large percentage of your users.


Why Your Business Needs Twitter

19 Sep

Why Your Business Needs Twitter

Because of its large and interrelated community, Twitter is an ideal marketing tool for businesses. This makes the micro-blogging site a very convenient place to promote your brand. All that you have to do is set up an account, gain followers, and post your tweets.

It also offers a lot of helpful tools that can let you track your potential audience, the people talking about you, and what they say about you. You can even monitor whether people are pleased with your brand or not, especially if you know how to use Twitter to its full potential.

Furthermore, it can help you determine your target market and what they are looking for from your business. As a result, Twitter tools will help you learn what adjustments your business needs to do.

Ultimately, Twitter is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. When it comes to trading and marketing, it is very important to have a communication between you and your customers. This will enable you to build relationship and trust with your potential customers, letting you establish your online presence and credibility.

If you know how to engage your Twitter followers, it could help you promote your business further. In turn, it will help you generate leads and boost your revenue.

Before You Start Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

However, having a Twitter account and hundreds of followers is not enough to start your marketing campaign.

Just because you have a Twitter account doesn’t mean that you can over-promote your brand already. Bear in mind that Twitter is a social networking site. This requires you to have a strategy that can take advantage of its social aspect to leverage your brand. You have to learn first how you can connect and engage with your followers. You also need a plan on how you can present your brand, products, and services. Find and implement good tactics that will shed light on your company, without annoying your followers.

Using Twitter to help develop your business could be a beneficial undertaking. However, you need to carefully build a good strategy that will help you engage your followers and leverage your brand further.


Web Development

18 Sep

Web Development

Website development – creating a more attractive, user-friendly and effective web space.

One factor crucial to successful online marketing is a well-presented, high quality website. The web page should aim to convey the company’s message instantly and clearly. To do this, a number of things must come together for the perfect website ­good looks, download speeds, clarity of message and ease of navigation.


Ecommerce Web Application Development for Online Business

17 Sep

Ecommerce Web Application Development for Online Business

In this era, where time is considered the most valuable of all and e-commerce has described the revolutionary developments in and around our world. According to the recent studies, it has been found that the businesses that tend to generate their revenues through a brick-and-mortar system, are now shifting to this virtual industry that is, e-commerce.

Ecommerce Development is currently a new way to promote products and services and at the same time,get a direct link to the clients.

Popularity of such trade, e-commerce is growing at a fast pace and has taken shape of a global market. People visit several online stores to purchase products because they have thousands of options to buy from, on the internet. A fully functional e-commerce website can get things straight for you.

Easy Navigation: People would find it easy if it is easy to use and navigate because the visitors visiting an e-commerce shop are usually window shoppers, accidental browsers and onlookers.

First Impression Is the last Impression: For any visitor, your website should be informative and designed in such a manner it should be a good learning experience at the first go.

For Ecommerce sites Custom Web Devleopment gets very easy. So, it is easy to perform custom web application development and website redesign on ecommerce web applications . Looking at the present scenario, this new online concept has brought new revolution in world and acting as ideal platform to give your business a prospect to discover newer markets all around the globe.


Tips For Successful Website Design And CMS

14 Sep

Tips For Successful Website Design And CMS

Benefits that a PHP Web Development

Cost Effective & Easily Available : PHP is an open source programming language that is available free of cost. As it is developed under free licence, anybody can use it for any purpose. Thus, whether you are using it commercially or personally, you are not required to spend a penny for using or modifying it.

User Friendly Interface : Custom web development is easier in PHP. It has an optimized built-in memory that avoids overloading the server and enhancing the processing speed of the server. The language is available with numerous open source development platforms like OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Magneto, Joomla, WordPress etc.Thus, using PHP, you can make dynamic web pages, web calendars, CMS, shopping carts, etc. PHP also meets the requirements of the e-commerce shopping portals that require a fully functional, user friendly and search engine optimized website.

Easy to Learn : This scripting language is easy to learn and allows users modify it according to their requirements. As working in PHP curtails your time, cost and effort, it is mostly opted by freelance designers to frame catchy websites. Besides that, the process of developing PHP applications is fast and efficient, allowing PHP programmers invest their valuable time in deciding innovative designs.

Supports Databases : This language is compatible with operating systems like Windows and Linux. It also supports web based platforms like command line scripting interfaces and client side GUI applications. In addition to that, PHP allows working with databases that include MySQL, MSSQL, etc. To reduce your deployment cost, you may thus make use of MySQL database,  to support your PHP programming base.

Compatibility with Servers : PHP is compatible with all kinds of servers available in the market. As it supports most operating systems, it can be used for any server. Its easy compatibility has made website development services easy and affordable in both small and medium sized companies.

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