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Software Development Company India

31 Oct

Software Development Company India

Research and development is only a small part of many Software Companies in India. However, other factors are also equally important for creating the software that society needs. Like the Zen master, the software developershould also “supply an answer when the students are on the verge of finding it”. That is to say, every new software should cater to the present needs of the market.


SEO & Social Bookmarking Servcie in Delhi By Acme Graphix

30 Oct

SEO & Social Bookmarking Servcie  in Delhi By Acme Graphix


Internet or the worldwide web is a boon for the 21st centurions. While the teens have used this medium for socializing with friends, the business minds found their set platform for their business to get the maximum exposure before a wide spectrum of visitors. Lately, the business houses have started using it as a medium of advertisement. Statistics show that internet is a very successful platform for advertising and promoting but the right SEO techniques have to be applied. Social bookmarking is one such service that can provide your company with the ideal amount of exposure.



Internet Marketing Servcie in Delhi

29 Oct

Internet Marketing Servcie in Delhi

What’s more important today is to create a well-developed website and launch it.How viable is it to let the people know about your website?SEO is the answer to your question. With growing trends in Internet Marketing, each one of us wants our website to reach the public masses. As we know, there are innumerable websites available online. When you search for a particular topic, statistics say that one usually goes through the first few pages only. Hence in order to rank your website higher on the search engine you need to hire Best SEO service in Delhi, if you are a Delhi resident.



Search Engine Optimization ( Seo Service) Company in Delhi

25 Oct

Search Engine Optimization ( Seo Service) Company in Delhi

The top SEO Company in Delhi/NCR has an upper hand, an expertise in Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques.They make sure your website gains visibility on searches, by ranking it higher through various techniques on online search engines.SEO Company in Delhi has been showing remarkable and effective results.

The popularity of your website obviously leads to a hike in demand of your product or company. Internet marketing being one of the best ways to advertise your company, brand, business or product, SEO is an important key for the same. This leads to promotion of your company to well -deserved heights.

It would be wise and smart of you to choose a good quality SEO company in India. Choosing best SEO service is a really good option to boost up your website and get it higher on search engine results. SEO is one of the major ways to increase your traffic, daily hits and popularity.


Top SMO (social Media Optimization ) Service in Delhi

23 Oct

SMO or Social Media Optimization is a hot on going service which provides you with these features. There are several firms which can provide you with SMO services in Delhi, India.Choosing the right SMO service is of utmost importance today. This is so, because based on the media optimization that you adopt, your website or blog will be valued and recognized. Delhi residents need to choose an appropriate SMO Service in Delhi/NCR.

Book Domain Names & Webhosting srvcie in Delhi

20 Oct

Book Domain Names & Webhosting srvcie in Delhi By Acmegraphix

Many small businesses, organizations and individuals with services and solutions that include Web-site hosting, e-mail and POP accounts, Web services, Front Page support, e-commerce and domain-name registrations. We have a long list of clientele which include big corporates, companies, portals etc. Our association with such companies speaks itself about our quality of services offered to thI. We, at Acme Graphix have spent years of experience in understanding the technicalities to keep our server running seamlessly. Our dedicated servers provides you with complete control, scalability, flexibility and reliability enabling you to achieve a successful online presence. Acme Graphix is committed to offer you the most reliable andlatest services in this field.

Best Pay Per Click Service in Delhi (PPC)

18 Oct

Best  Pay Per Click Service in Delhi (PPC)

When the word “money” comes into picture, people are attracted by and large. PPC i.e. Pay Per Click service is a means of earning money online. These sources of income are often termed as Ad revenues. Certain ads are placed on your website: pictorial, in line text ads or pop up ads. The benefits of PPC are that every time, a user clicks on these ads, PPC experts pay you. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target audience. Users generally click on these keywords, assuming them to fulfil their search criteria. Their clicks are advantageous to you since you get paid for it!


The Best SEO and SMO in Traffic Generation

17 Oct

The Best SEO and SMO in Traffic Generation

Maybe you’re just starting fabricating your social media presence or maybe you’re an experienced pro with Search Engine Optimization, who’s discerning about doing a major renovation, so if you wanna drive to get more search engine traffic, and boost social media presence here are my advices and tips you can take to help you build the right projections and connections in your blogging and business endeavors.

Find your stuff faster in Gmail and Search

16 Oct

Find your stuff faster in Gmail and Search

When you’re looking for something, you should be able to find what you need quickly and easily without needing to think about where it might be, whether it’s in your email or out on the public web. That’s why this past August we opened a field trial allowing you to sign up to get information from Gmail right from the Google search box.

We’ve gotten very positive feedback from those of you testing it out — such as this note: “The Gmail results feature is awesome! The fact that it’s all integrated into one screen is huge.” Many testers have requested being able to find Drive files as well — as one of you put it, “It would be awesome if I could search my google drive from google search as well 🙂”.

So starting today, you can sign up for a new and expanded field trial that makes it easier to find your stuff across Google, whether you’re searching on or searching in Gmail.

In Gmail, as you begin to type into the search box, you’ll instantly start seeing relevant emails from Gmail as well as results from Google Drive, Google Calendar, and more:



Make The web Faster with Mod Pagespeed Acme graphix

15 Oct

Make  The web Faster with  Mod  Pagespeed Acme graphix

If your page is on the web, speed matters. For developers and webmasters, making your page faster shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why we introduced mod_pagespeed in 2010. Since then the development team has been working to improve the functionality, quality and performance of this open-source Apache module that automatically optimizes web pages and their resources. Now, after almost two years and eighteen releases, we are announcing that we are taking off the Beta label.


We’re committed to working with the open-source community to continue evolving mod_pagespeed, including more, better and smarter optimizations and support for other web servers. Over 120,000 sites are already using mod_pagespeed to improve the performance of their web pages using the latest techniques and trends in optimization. The product is used worldwide by individual sites, and is also offered by hosting providers, such as DreamHost, Go Daddy and content delivery networks like EdgeCast. With the move out of beta we hope that even more sites will soon benefit from the web performance improvements offered through mod_pagespeed.


mod_pagespeed is a key part of our goal to help make the web faster for everyone. Users prefer faster sites and we have seen that faster pages lead to higher user engagement, conversions, and retention. In fact, page speed is one of the signals in search ranking and ad quality scores. Besides evangelizing for speed, we offer tools and technologies to help measure, quantify, and improve performance, such as Site Speed Reports in Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, and PageSpeed Optimization products. In fact, both mod_pagespeed and PageSpeed Service are based on our open-source PageSpeed Optimization Libraries project, and are important ways in which we help websites take advantage of the latest performance best practices.