Copy.Paste. SPAM

28 Jun

Copy.Paste. SPAM
The times of mass reproduction of similar natured products is a thing of the past, with changes in the internet and the growing competiveness amongst online businesses has proven this theory to be false. To bring about character, every business employs their techniques to get ahead. Some lackluster businesses take the simple way out by copy pasting content from brilliantly made sites. Not only is this an infringement of copyright, but also leads to degradation of one’s own business.

Google is an intelligent agency. Far more intelligent than we think, it catches the very way one business copies the other, be it graphics or text. Your site is analyzed from top to bottom once put on a search engine by their sophisticated tools. From IP addresses to the paths, everything is cross checked for credibility. So, when a certain business plagiarizes, it is mostly visible and by consequence such a site hangs low on the rating and is sometimes put on spam. The business of course, goes down the drain.  Before we spell it out for you in more technical detail, we’d advice you to BEWARE.

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