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Seo Services India

31 Jul

Good Seo Services Are provide Our Company  For Website  Top Ranking All Search Engines

Effortless and affordable SEO services which ensure swift business activities from your website. Unmatched providers of quick access to a plethora of search engines ranging from Google to Yahoo and Bing, we help garner a favourable customer base at decent rates.

Maintain Business Online Google 1st Ranking in used For Social Bookmarking

26 Jul

Maintain Business  Online Google 1st Ranking  in used For Social Bookmarking

Maintaining business is as much important as creating it. You need to constantly upgrade yourself and give more material in the hands of your prospective buyers. Social Bookmarking helps you to be the talk of the town and at the peak of popularity as users on your site can share your posts about the website with others. Not only share, but also create, edit and annotate them.

Online Marketing Company Delhi

25 Jul

Online Marketing Company  Delhi

Acme Graphix Are provide A Services In online Marketing.Building a proper SEO is a prerequisite for a smarter website; our vision for businesses across the board lies in championing SEO strategy for unparalleled growth. We intent on constructing a comprehensive and personalized framework for clients to initiate, establish and maintain their craft.      

Seo Services in Delhi

24 Jul

Seo Services in Delhi

What do most of us do when we have a web-related query?  The most common answer would be, that we Google it. In this case, we can safely assume that somebody somewhere must be working to get these sites featured on search engines. That somebody is US. We as pioneers in SEO services, cater to the holistic development of your website of. Being a leading SEO company in Delhi and NCR, we believe constant change is necessary for great business practices. Our vision lies in simplifying business for your clients and thus creating caliber for your website in the virtual world

SEO’s Ten Commandments

18 Jul

SEO’s Ten Commandments
The 10 commandments include:
Thou Shalt Not:
(1) Have an Unnatural Link Profile
(2) Cloak and Use Hidden Text
(3) Steal / Duplicate Content
(4) Spin Content
(5) Stuff Keywords
(6) Spam Google Maps
(7) Create Microsites
(8) Sell Links
(9) Go Overboard on Ads
(10) Create Multiple Websites to Rank for the Same Business

Getting More Positive Responses for Your Guest Post Requests

17 Jul

Getting More Positive Responses for Your Guest Post Requests

Guest posting has long been recognised as a good way to build not just your personal brand (reputation building), but to get links and traffic as well. The problem is, however, that it is just not that easy to get guest posting gigs. This is especially true if you don’t have the authority to back it up.

So how do you increase the likelihood that your emails asking for a chance to guest post will be positively received? Does it all depend on your email’s wording? Or does it depend more on the your timing and persistence?


According to James Agate, the answer to getting more positive responses to your guest post outreach lies in all of the above and more. In a experiment he conducted he was able to analyse the responses of potential sites based on 400 sample guest posts

Contending with content

15 Jul

Contending with content

Believe it or not, we might have gone a league ahead of our time but content did not lose its sheen over the time. From extensive, comprehensive pieces to crisp and precise descriptions. The right content for the right place has always made difference in a website. The credit for traffic generation can majorly be given to the crisp content provided by the sites for its users who return time and again to the website for information.

Google consistently comes with new updates to make the search queries spam- free and authentic, by looking into the content of a particular website. The new Panda Dance update by Google which is underway would jive through all web content and sift out the irregularities in the form of any plagiarism and spamming to provide credible content. A change in the algorithm make-up of the search engine giant keeps web portals on their feet to conceptualize content in order to hit the top ranks on search engine. The changes occur 200-500 times in a year. While most are minor, almost every month a new algorithm finds its way to enhance the searching capabilities. Moreover, search engines use spiders to collect data which only recognizes text and no images or graphics. Rolling out creative and competitive content writers is a viable option in this case, but an added knowledge about search queries wouldn’t hurt at all for the eloquent writer of the content. Rather, it provides an edge to the website by decreasing the workload and making it search engine friendly.

When popular content becomes too main stream the creative person should be able to ideate instantly which does the double job of shooting to top ranks and increasing business. Updating content on a weekly basis keeps the site fresh and healthy.

Engagement First

8 Jul

Engagement First

Exchanging pleasantries before thrusting your business proposal on the internet creates sensitivity for online businesses. Engaging people in a business can be a Herculean task especially when they are not interested in the services provided by you. Then why would somebody waste their time on your site? The answer is simple- HOSPITALITY.

Even if you don’t have buyers on your site, engagement with people improves the reputation of your business many fold. The simple “Have a nice day”, interactions on the Facebook pages and replying to unimportant tweets boosts the business. It makes it more approachable in the eyes of individuals and creates this feeling of oneness.

More so lies in taking criticism upfront and apologizing in case of dysfunctions. At the end of the day, it would not only help you in improving your skills but the people would find you easy to talk to. The most idiotic thing we do is IGNORE.
Letting it be, never solves the problem. The already built trust goes for a toss by ignoring criticisms and employing the “I don’t care” strategy.

Lastly, APPRECIATE. Indulge yourself, get talking. People love that. Appreciating a conduct maintains your customers and expands your reach through word of mouth advertising which is the most potent of all techniques.
These pearls of priceless wisdom were brought to you by-Acme Graphix

Have a nice day!

Experiencing the expression, expressing the experience.

3 Jul

A dozen years and still going steady.

Web design and development hinges largely on the successful amalgamation of good aesthetics and a solid, intelligent feature base that can augment the content of the webpage. With web development practices undergoing a phenomenal rate of evolution, morphing from staid web pages to mobile-friendly, visually rich yet impeccably light and responsive repositories of information, lasting experience in web design and development has taken an extremely crucial seat.

After thousands of successful web development and design projects under our name, and multiple certificates of recognition, we can safely state that we are the pioneers of the seismic shift in web development practices.  We embody the combined expertise and skills of industry-leading innovators and designers who draw from a pool of over 12 years experience, having seen all major trends in web designing and setting the pace for more than quite a few of them.

Our 12 years’ experience has also allowed us to branch out into all forays inside web development cycles, right from web, logo and graphic designing to customize CMS development using Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, among others. From small businesses to globe-straddling multinationals with interests spread all over the world, our innovation allows us the right flexibility to create better web solutions today for a unique and completely organic web experience tomorrow.

Keeping up the pace with business on-the-go, we ensure that our sites can render consistently rich visual and functional nuances on your desktop at home/office, on the go and even on your mobile, across multiple browsers. We have established ourselves amongst the best in the business  by innovation in online development that makes all the difference between a good website, and a completely fluid, organic online experience, designed by us. 

What Is Article Submission

1 Jul

What Is Article Submission

Article Submission Overview:
Article Submission refers to generation of Information based article associated to your products or services and submitting them to article directories. Article Directories are those sites where you can submit your articles and they contain large database of articles on a wide range of A-Z topics. The major Advantage of Article Submission is that, as the search engine robots keeps on searching for new content over the web, they find and list your articles and since you have links at the bottom of the article that point back to your site, it results in your site’s position enhancement in the search engines.