Contending with content

15 Jul

Contending with content

Believe it or not, we might have gone a league ahead of our time but content did not lose its sheen over the time. From extensive, comprehensive pieces to crisp and precise descriptions. The right content for the right place has always made difference in a website. The credit for traffic generation can majorly be given to the crisp content provided by the sites for its users who return time and again to the website for information.

Google consistently comes with new updates to make the search queries spam- free and authentic, by looking into the content of a particular website. The new Panda Dance update by Google which is underway would jive through all web content and sift out the irregularities in the form of any plagiarism and spamming to provide credible content. A change in the algorithm make-up of the search engine giant keeps web portals on their feet to conceptualize content in order to hit the top ranks on search engine. The changes occur 200-500 times in a year. While most are minor, almost every month a new algorithm finds its way to enhance the searching capabilities. Moreover, search engines use spiders to collect data which only recognizes text and no images or graphics. Rolling out creative and competitive content writers is a viable option in this case, but an added knowledge about search queries wouldn’t hurt at all for the eloquent writer of the content. Rather, it provides an edge to the website by decreasing the workload and making it search engine friendly.

When popular content becomes too main stream the creative person should be able to ideate instantly which does the double job of shooting to top ranks and increasing business. Updating content on a weekly basis keeps the site fresh and healthy.

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