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29 Nov




#3D Printer

28 Nov

#3D Printer


Forget the Oven. This Turkey Roasts in a 3D Printer

Here at Mashable, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving a day early by roasting our very first 3D-printed turkey.


We found the design in 3D model store CGTrader, scaled it down to two inches tall and inserted it into a MakerBot Replicator 2. The whole process took about an hour and a half — less time than it takes for your average traditional turkey roast, but nothing to squawk about

Google Quietly Debuts Viewable Impression CPM Bidding In AdWords

27 Nov

#Google Quietly Debuts Viewable Impression CPM Bidding In AdWords

#Google announced that it had received MRC accreditation for its Active View product to measure impressions by viewability. The company then stated that it would be built in viewable impressions bidding into all of its display ad targeting products.


Internet Marketing Company Delhi

26 Nov

#InternetMarketing Company in Delhi

What’s more important today is to create a well-developed website and launch it. How viable is it to let the people know about your website? SEO is the answer to your question. With growing trends in Internet Marketing, each one of us wants our website to reach the public masses. 

Will This #Google+ Flaw Abruptly Shut Down Your YouTube Account?

23 Nov

Will This #Google+ Flaw Abruptly Shut Down Your YouTube Account?

The latest problem to come out of the recent changes to the YouTube comments might be the biggest one yet.Michael Janitch, known across social media as dutchsinse, found himself without a YouTube account, he says, after someone anonymously flagged his #Google+ account as an impersonator. All of his accounts associated with his G+ profile, including access to Gmail, supposedly went down with it. He had no prior complaints or strikes from YouTube. He claims he never received an email about the complaint or any mobile notifications and couldn’t appeal the termination.



Good Bye Anchor Text,

21 Nov

Good Bye Anchor Text,

The Google Penguin update has changed the link building process forever. Gone are the days when it was easy to rank for desired keywords by building tons of links using exact keywords as the anchor text.In the wake of Penguin, uncertain exactly where the thresholds and ratios are. Just how well distributed should our anchor text be in order to get the best results?We have been busy with research on the subject and, not too long ago, discovered what Rand Fishkin at the SEOMoz blog had to say for their Whiteboard Friday series. Much of what we’ve observed has fallen in line with his predictions.


Website Designing

20 Nov

Website Designing  – Fully Responsive ,Clean Design ,Website That Fit Multiple Screen Sizes.


Today Thought

19 Nov

#Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance, you must keep moving !!


Things liked and hated by Panda and Penguin.

18 Nov


Things liked and hated by Panda and Penguin.


Graphic Design and Print Media Company India

14 Nov

Graphic Design and Print Media

Acme Graphix as the name suggests is a graphic designing company dealing with varieties of designing from company logos to print ads and product catalogues. Our print package carries the same high name, as a lot depth and insight are put behind designs which are constructed by a very knowledgeable team. We come up with the best ideas to express the message in the most attractive form possible. To strengthen our relationship with the clients we provide everything at a decent cost.