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How to increase business with #WebsiteDevelopment

28 Dec


How can a business benefit out of website development? Well, a website happens to be an online representation of your business or services (no matter how big or small). It is the only way that people across the world can actually find out about you and your business, over the net.


Availability holds the key to any business or service. When you launch a website, it is available to people 24X7 and hence, people would get to access it according to their convenience. Finding information over the net is a much better alternative than going to places and enquiring about the same. Reading a blog, checking out the ‘Contact Us’ page, getting a quote, downloading a form or e-book and booking things over the net, through a website, saves a lot of time. And the best part of it being, that people can do all this at their own convenient time.


Human mind is full of questions and hence, a website would help you maintain a close interaction with the people, who frequent your site and have queries. An interaction helps in other ways as well! It would instill a sense of trust in the people and they would (at some point of time) decide of trying out your services. Certain small things as regular


A Good Website Design Effect SEO?

27 Dec

How does a good website design effect SEO

The size of the website and the pages included

The use of dynamic pages

Domain names and Frames

Best Web Development Company in West Delhi

26 Dec

 Best  Web Development Company in West Delhi  

            Delhi is one of the most developed cities in India and it has been witnessed growth like never before. Thousands of IT companies and other offices have emerged in the last two decades and these companies always look for good web design for their websites so that they can attract more and more customers to their company. With the increasing demand the number of website design providers has been increasing and one such company is the Acme Graphix that has been very popular among the clients in the recent times. This particular company has been providing quality Web services in Delhi. The services of the company and the reasonable rates have made this company one of the best Web Development Company in Delhi. The excellence behind the work is the team of professionals who are some of the best in business. These hard working professionals are very aware of the demands of the present day market and they provide the service according to it. These trained and skilled professionals are committed to provide the best for their clients.

Merry Christmas

25 Dec


“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” Merry Christmas to all of you.


What is the Good #KeywordDensity For Better SEO ?

23 Dec

What is the Good  #KeywordDensity For Better SEO ?

The #keyworddensity is one of the main factor of On Page SEO and can’t be ignored.So How much Keyword Density is ideal For better SEO Performance ? I have asked this question several times during the Google Plus Hangouts. So this article is the combination of answers I got and my experience with Keyword Density. Many SEO Experts says that Keyword density between 2-3% is best for SEO Purpose. Using more keywords on a webpage may be taken as spam.


Webservices in Delhi

20 Dec

#Webservices in Delhi

As the whole world is improving, India too is developing in the sector of cutting edge technology and economy. Delhi is one of the most developing cities in India and most of the credit goes to the thousands of companies that contribute to its growth. These companies require a quality website and these websites need constant maintenance. To help these companies in these things, there are several companies that provide #Webservices in Delhi. One such company is the Acme Graphix that has been very prevalent among the people in the recent years and has been providing quality services to thousands of companies in and out of India. This company is one of the top most #WebDevelopment Company in Delhi and they are popular because of their quality work and the varieties of services they provide. Some of the services are web designing, web development, web hosting, domain registration, print media, software development etc. These services are very popular among the customers and the demand has been increasing every day.


SEO Strategies to Make Love with #Hummingbird

19 Dec

5 SEO Strategies to Make Love with #Hummingbird

1. Relevant and accurate #content

2. Boost Social Signals and Don’t Ignore #SocialMedia Traffic

3. Build Natural Links

4. Responsive #websitedesign

5. Careful On Paid links


Web Development Company India

18 Dec

Web Development Company India

 #WebDevelopmentCompany  in India has been increasing every day as companies and agencies have realised the benefits of these companies. A #WebDevelopmentCompany provides services such as web design, web development, web hosting etc to the thousands of customers every day. For manufacturing companies and others these are very important things in very essential for the reach of their products to quality customers. There are many companies in the present day world that are providing these services to thousands of customers all over the world and these customers are reaping the benefits of these services to it fullest for promotion of their products and to increase the sales of their company.


Role of Social Media in #WebsitePromotion #(SMO) -Submited

16 Dec


Role of Social Media in #WebsitePromotion #(SMO) -Submited

Internet is all about social media these days. It so happens, that people discuss about companies and their services over the net. If you do not take a plunge into the social media, then you risk losing your potential customers. These days, merely having a website would not suffice. Your business needs a social media presence to lure customers.

#GraphicDesign and #PrintMedia Services Delhi

13 Dec

#GraphicDesign and #PrintMedia Services Delhi


Acme Graphix as the name suggests is a graphic designing company dealing with varieties of designing from company logos to print ads and product catalogues. Our print package carries the same high name, as a lot depth and insight are put behind designs which are constructed by a very knowledgeable team.