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Google toolbar pagerank finally & Officially Dead

8 Oct

Google’s John Mueller said Google probably won’t update Toolbar PageRank in the futureIn October 2013, Google head of search spam Matt Cutts implied we would likely not see another Google Toolbar PageRank update before the year end. Well, by accident, Google updated Toolbar PageRank in December 2013. Since then, we have had no Toolbar PageRank updates.


Google may be launching a #Penguin algorithm 3.0 Next Week

4 Oct

Google’s Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer, said at Search Marketing Expo East that Google may be launching a Penguin algorithm refresh sometime next week. This is not just a refresh, but a large re-write of the algorithm that took Google almost a full year to release.

Of course, it may not be launched, if they run into issues during their testing phase. But if things go smoothly, Google may launch the next generation Penguin update.

The new Penguin update will make webmaster’s life “easier a bit” and for most people it will make it a “delight.”Google could have done a Penguin update more frequently, but they want to push out an update that makes both webmasters and users happy. So they are working hard on making both happy.

Gary also said that if you disavow bad links now or as of about two weeks ago, it will likely be too late for this next Penguin refresh. But Gary added that the Penguin refreshes will be more frequent because of the new algorithm in place.

So we may or may not see a next generation Penguin update next week. We will keep you posted on that news.


#GooglePanda 4.1′s Updation Biggest Losers.

1 Oct

Google began rolling out Panda 4.1 last week, a process that continues into this week, but we already have the winners and losers report from SearchMetrics.

The biggest winners for Panda 4.1 based on this early report are sites in the news, content and download portal realm. While the biggest losers are sites in the games, lyrics and some medical content realm.