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Acme Graphix

19 Dec

Congratulations Acmegraphix…!!!! On this 13nd Anniversary a big occasion for of us and many wishes for future success. . You have a great company and We all wish another successful 100 years ahead of you.


SEO Goals in 2015

18 Dec

 SEO Goals in 2015

1 Create Quality Content

2 Use Organic Outreach to Build Links

3 Encourage +1’s

4 Write Good Title Tags

5 Get People Talking About Your Brand

6 Use SEO-Friendly URLS


Latest Google+ now lets you pin posts to profiles, pages

10 Dec

Google is borrowing a page from Twitter for its Google+ social site, with a new feature that allows users to pin their favorite posts.In a Google+ post, Google’s Dennis Troper said this would be useful for people who want to show a great vacation photo or those who want to highlight a business.”Starting today, you can pin a post to the top of your profile or page. When someone visits your page, they’ll see the pinned content first above the rest of your posts,” Troper said.

To pin a post, one can open the drop-down menu on a public post when viewing the posts tab of one’s profile or page on a desktop browser.But not all will get the feature initially – desktop and Android users will see pinned posts, while support for iOS is “coming soon.”Enthusiast site said the feature is similar to Pinned Tweets on Twitter.

It ensures everyone who visits a person’s profile or page will see the pinned post.


Google Confirms Penguin Rollout Continued Into Thanksgiving Day

2 Dec

On Thanksgiving weekend, I reported a lot of buzz and chatter around a possible Thanksgiving day Penguin refresh from Google.

This morning, Google has confirmed that what SEOs and webmasters noticed was indeed Penguin related but as a result of the “ongoing” Penguin rollout. Yes, Penguin 3.0 rollout that started in October is still not complete.

Google told us on record:

The Penguin rollout is ongoing, and this is just the effect of that.

In short, Penguin 3.0 is rolling out still, even 6 weeks later. This rollout had a major shock wave on Thanksgiving day for some reason. But that shockwave seemed to be mostly reversals of sites that got hit initially by 3.0, which is why I named it Penguin 3.1.

In any event, I guess this is still Penguin 3.0 but still rolling out.