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SEO Tips and Tricks

24 Mar
  1.  Determine Strategy for Keywords
  2. List The Potential Keywords
  3. Check Competition of Keywords
  4. HTML
  5. Title
  6. Meta Tags & Description
  7. URL and/or Permalinks
  8. First Paragraph
  9. Content Length
  10. Content Quality
  11. Keyword Density
  12. Image Optimization
  13. Sitemap Submission
  14. HTML Sitemap
  15. Avoid DHTML and Excessive HTML
  16. Avoid Major Content in PDF or Flash
  17. Robots.txt
  18. Use Social Media Effectively
  19. Use Google Analytics
  20. Keyword tracking


8 Tools For Google Penalty Recovery

19 Mar

Google penalties can be a major setback, but regardless of why your site gets hit, it’s vital that you take quick and aggressive action to recover your organic search rankings.


1. Fetch As Google

2. Screaming Frog Web Crawler

3. Majestic SEO

4. Ahrefs

5. Monitor Backlinks

6. Copyscape

7. Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History

8. Google Webmaster Tools

History Of Google Algorithm Updates

5 Mar

Google changes its search algorithm 500 times a year. Granted, the majority of these changes are relatively minor, but some of its larger updates can drastically affect search results, creating a ‘comply or die’ situation for businesses of all sizes around the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tiny local start-up or a Goliath of a global corporation, no one is safe from Google’s