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Google Now Officially Showing Mobile Friendly Labels

20 Nov

Since 2012, Google has been testing mobile-friendly labels in the search results. Most recently, Google ramped up those tests by testing mobile icons, not mobile friendly icons and text based mobile friendlylabels. Last night, Google started rolling out the mobile-friendly text labels in the mobile search results.

If you pull out your smartphone and search for something in Google, you will probably see some results labeled as mobile friendly.



What is PPC How Much Business Get Less Time Through Google Adwords?

13 Jun

The Pay Per Click or PPC management system replicates any business while creating brand awareness among the clients and the prospective clients about the products or services it offers. The competition among the businesses is becoming tougher day by day and numerous other companies are vying for every inch of available space. So, it is very important to understand the importance and value of PPC management.


The marketers are mainly attracted to PPC because of the positive outcomes they get from it. But before you develop a great Pay-Per-Click online marketing strategy from the PPC services Delhi, it is necessary to understand how this campaign actually works. Besides, you should also learn why this strategy is so effective and what one should not do.


It is necessary to develop the PPC ads with proper keyword to maintain the relevancy. This thing will help the ad in attracting the prospective clients. If used properly, then the PPC ad campaigns definitely assist the businesses in increasing their conversions.


Last but not the least, it is important for the businesses to monitor the PPC ad campaigns constantly to determine the effectiveness. If any problem arises, then they should refine the campaign to target only the prospective clients.


Authors Bio: Ravi Kant Chawla is a PPC management expert working for PPC services Delhi. His work and marketing strategies are notably campaigned with the following content that he delivers online on a regular basis.

Explain How Google Handles 404 & 410 Status Codes

23 Apr

Matt Cutts Explain How Google Handles 404 & 410 Status Codes


Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, posted a video today explaining the difference in how Google handles 404 and 410 error status codes.


Both 404 and 410  are errors for a web page or document not being available, however a 410 is defined as “gone” forever. So 410s are more of an explicit response from the server telling you a page is really gone.


Google handles them slightly differently. With a 404, and some of the other 4xx status codes, Google will “protect” the page and not mark it as removed for about 24 hours. With a 410 status code, Google will mark the page as gone as soon as the error is noticed by GoogleBot.


Matt added, although that is the case, GoogleBot will go back and check both 404 and 410 responses later to ensure the page is really not there. Google is aware of bugs and server issues that happen and thus will check back later, several times, over the course of years, to check to see if the page is ever brought back.


In short, 410s are stamped as removed immediately and 404s aren’t for 24 hours, so GoogleBot can recheck before marking the document as removed.