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Google Panda 4.2 Update : Google On The Latest Panda Update

4 Sep

When Google told us they pushed out a Panda refresh in mid-July, Panda 4.2, there were a lot of questions from the industry about what was different in this Panda refresh compared to others.

Search Engine Land was able to ask Google to clarify some of those questions about the Panda 4.2 update and about Panda updates in general. Here are some of those FAQs related to Google Panda.

What’s New With Panda Now?

Google is doing the slowest rollout ever, taking several months rather than just a few days.

Why Is Google Going So Slowly?

Google said there are technical reasons for this, but it is not done with the purpose of confusing SEOs or webmasters.

Google also told us they are shifting their infrastructure towards more continuous changing and gradual rolling out of Panda, incorporated into their core ranking algorithms. Google said they are not there yet, but they’re moving in that direction, and these are the first steps in that direction.

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Google Gets A Brand-New Look: Updates Search & Now Card Visuals

3 Sep

In addition to updating its logo, Google announced today it is also updating the look of its mobile search results page and Now cards to reflect the company’s new visual language.

“You’ll start seeing our new logo, icon and animated dots soon across Google, including when you search on mobile web, and of course, the Google App,” writes Google product designer Kai Conragan on the Google search blog.

As part of the refresh, the Google App home page on Android devices has been updated so that users can “dive into diverse content such as images, videos, news stories and more” by swiping and tapping content.

Also, Google says Now cards will be organized by category so that users can find what they need more predictably. As the day moves forward, the cards will shift to display what’s most relevant.



Google: Even Links To Soft 404 Pages Are Not Counted.

11 Aug

Google told us numerous times that 404 pages to remove bad links – no really, numerous times.

But what about soft 404 pages? Pages that appear to be 404 pages but return a status code of 200 OK instead of the right 404 status code?

Google’s Gary Illyes said on Twitter that soft 404s are treated the same as real 404s even with links.

(Q) You say that Google ignores Links leading to 404 pages. Are Soft-404 treated in the same fashion?

(A) Yes, they are. Generally, with a few exceptions, if a page is not indexed, its links are ignored too.



Google Now Officially Showing Mobile Friendly Labels

20 Nov

Since 2012, Google has been testing mobile-friendly labels in the search results. Most recently, Google ramped up those tests by testing mobile icons, not mobile friendly icons and text based mobile friendlylabels. Last night, Google started rolling out the mobile-friendly text labels in the mobile search results.

If you pull out your smartphone and search for something in Google, you will probably see some results labeled as mobile friendly.



What is PPC How Much Business Get Less Time Through Google Adwords?

3 Jun

The Pay Per Click or PPC management system replicates any business while creating brand awareness among the clients and the prospective clients about the products or services it offers. The competition among the businesses is becoming tougher day by day and numerous other companies are vying for every inch of available space. So, it is very important to understand the importance and value of PPC management.


The marketers are mainly attracted to PPC because of the positive outcomes they get from it. But before you develop a great Pay-Per-Click online marketing strategy from the PPC services Delhi, it is necessary to understand how this campaign actually works. Besides, you should also learn why this strategy is so effective and what one should not do.


It is necessary to develop the PPC ads with proper keyword to maintain the relevancy. This thing will help the ad in attracting the prospective clients. If used properly, then the PPC ad campaigns definitely assist the businesses in increasing their conversions.


Last but not the least, it is important for the businesses to monitor the PPC ad campaigns constantly to determine the effectiveness. If any problem arises, then they should refine the campaign to target only the prospective clients.


Authors Bio: Ravi Kant chawla is a PPC management expert working for PPC services Delhi. His work and marketing strategies are notably campaigned with the following content that he delivers online on a regular basis. 

4 SEO Myths & Conspiracy Theories

30 Apr

1. Paying For Google AdWords = Higher Organic Rankings

Not surprisingly, the first one he mentions is regarding advertising. The myth: if you pay for Google AdWords, then you’ll rank higher in the organic search. Then, there’s the exact opposite conspiracy theory: that you’ll rank better in organic search results if you don’t buy ads.

“We sort of feel like we should get those two conspiracy camps together and let them fight it all out,” Cutts said. “And whoever emerges from one room we can just debunk that one conspiracy theory.”

2. Google Changes Its Algorithm to Force People to Buy Ads 

Another common one is that Google exchanges to the algorithm in order to drive sites traffic down so that they’re forced to buy ads to compensate for the traffic.

“There’s a related conspiracy theory, or myth, which is Google makes its changes to try to drive people to buy ads. And having worked in the search-quality group, and working at Google for over 13 years, I can say, here’s the mental model you need to understand why Google does what it does in the search results.

“We want to return really good search results to users, so that they’re happy, so that they’ll keep coming back. That’s basically it. Happy users are loyal users, right? And so if we give them a good experience on one search, they’ll think about using us the next time they have an information need.

“And then, along the way, if somebody clicks on ads, that’s great. But we’re not going to make an algorithmic change to try to drive people to buy ads,” he said. “If you buy ads it’s not going to algorithmically help your ranking in any way, and likewise, it’s not going to hurt your ranking if you buy ads.”

3. Black Hat Tricks: The Best Way to Rank No. 1

Cutts also says that he wishes webmasters would think for themselves more, rather than relying on things they read in the black hat forums or as part of a “group think”, and thinking whatever the latest ranking fad is, that it’s the one that going to make them rank number one.

“Never be afraid to think for yourself,” Cutts said. “It’s often the case that I’ll see people get into kind of a group think.”

Cutts gave the examples of article directories, guest blogging, and link wheels as some “fads” people believed would help you to rank number one.

“And if you think about it, if somebody had a foolproof way to make money online, they would probably use that way to make money, rather than packaging it up into an ebook and selling it to people, or patching it up into a tool and selling that to people,” Cutts said.

4. SEO Tools Will Solve All Your Problems

He also cautions about various SEO tools and how people should be a little bit wary about buying the software packages that market themselves as the ultimate and only way to rank number one.

There are plenty of automated tools and SEO software packages sold on various webmaster and black hat forums, but despite assurances, many of them leave footprints that can eventually get tracked down and penalized.

“And so the idea that you’re going to be able to buy some software package and solve every single problem you’ve ever had, is probably a little bit of a bad idea,” he said. “I read an article recently where someone was talking about using some automated software package, and trying to do white hat SEO with it, which to me sounds like buying a gun and trying to use it as a hammer.

Cutts warns that you can potentially dig yourself into a hole.

“Just because somebody says they made a lot of money online doesn’t mean they really made a lot of money online,” Cutts said. “If they really made a lot of money online, they’d normally keep doing it, rather than tell you about it. So just approach some of the tools and services and products that you see on the various boards with a little bit of caution.”



SEO Keyword Optimization

20 Jan

Keyword   Optimization


One of primary concerns as a SEO company while devising keyword optimization in SEO is to functionally concentrate on specific keywords. The search engine algorithms of major providers run under the mechanism of searching for the keywords in your web site’s content. Higher the occurrence of words in a web page better is the chance of it getting picked up in the race of rankings.