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Recent modification to the Panda algorithm For Press Release Submisison

27 Jun

When Google released its most recent modification to the Panda algorithm, Panda 4.0, on May 20th, one of the sites reportedly hit hard by the update was the large press release distribution company, PR Newswire.

The company’s answer to recover from the algorithmic penalty is to “take action” against press release spammers through new internal quality guidelines for press release submissions.

PR Newswire announced “new copy quality guidelines” that their editorial staff will use when reviewing all new press releases. They include:

Inclusion of insightful analysis and original content (e.g., research, reporting or other interesting and useful information)

Use of varied release formats, guarding against the repeated use of template copy (except boilerplate)

Assessing release length, guarding against issue of very short, unsubstantial messages that are mere vehicles for links

Overuse of keywords and/or links within the message

PR Newswire also promises to review older press releases by “analyzing press release data to identify and delete low quality content on an ongoing basis,” they said. They will remove any low quality content and press releases that do not meet these new strict guidelines.

Google’s recent algorithm update is essentially a technology-based editorial guideline for content quality, and PR Newswire is aligning our processes with those standards to ensure that press releases distributed are high-quality, authenticated content. Google’s recent action targeting low-quality content in the Panda 4.0 update affirms the importance of ensuring press releases and other content distributed via PR Newswire’s network are of real utility and interest to journalists and bloggers, as well as the general public.

“PR Newswire is committed to continuously improving the quality of the content distributed via our network, website, and other digital channels in order to better serve the millions of journalists, bloggers and members of the public who read press releases each month,” said Ninan Chacko, PR Newswire’s CEO. “By reviewing each piece of content to ensure message quality, and deleting releases we find to be of low quality, we will increase the value of our content and website for our audiences, and limit the exploitation of content distribution for questionable SEO tactics.”


Website Designing Company India

25 Mar

Website Designing India


 Acme Graphix prides itself on its 12 year history of web designing and development. Being the makers of websites we understand how SEO and internet marketing have gained importance. Therefore, we bring to our clients a whole package from website making to its promotion right on a platter. Just give us the content and we’ll do everything necessary for your business to make it the best in the market.


The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

18 Mar

SEO Success Factors


Search engine optimization — SEO — may seem like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there is a science to it. Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors, or “signals.” SEO is about ensuring your content generates the right type of signals.


The Three Pillars Of SEO In 2014

19 Feb

SEO 2014 

Two of the main components of a strong SEO strategy are the same as they has always been: to publish high-quality content that gets read and linked to by as many people as possible (ie, quality content and inbound links).

 But in 2014, a third key element will join the ranks of these two elements: social media. I touted social media as one of the three key elements of SEO for 2013, but over the course of the year, my experience has been that most business owners still haven’t gotten the message. I’m still constantly asked why and how social media benefits an online marketing campaign, which leads me to believe that social media, while definitely a buzzword recognized by most business owners, hasn’t yet been adopted to the extent that it needs to be.


Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

13 Feb

Which SEO techniques should you follow for improving your website ranking?

White hat SEO

White-hat SEO techniques are nothing but the ethical ways to getting rankings for websites.  These techniques are based on latest guidelines provided by search engines. Moreover, white hat techniques work better and provide long lasting results.

Following are the different types of techniques used in #white hat SEO:

1. Unique content
2. Effective keyword research
3. Quality inbound links

Black hat SEO

The main motive of black hat SEO techniques is to improve rankings of the websites by following illegal techniques that generate results in a short span of time. Major search engines are not in favor of techniques implemented in #black hat search engine optimization.

Here is a list of techniques that come under black-hat search engine optimization (which must be strictly avoided):

1. Hidden content
2. Meta keyword stuffing


5 Powerful #SEO Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts

6 Feb

  #SEO Tips 


  • Optimization of Titles on your Posts.
  • Optimization of Meta Description.
  • Shaping the Meat. Content Optimization.
  • Include Subheading Tags inside your Post.
  • Optimizing Images on your Blog Posts.
  • Image

Microsoft’s new CEO is Satya Nadella.

5 Feb

With Nadella’s Appointment, The “Search CEOs” Now Run Google, Yahoo & Microsoft

#SatyaNadella  being named CEO of Microsoft isn’t just big news for Microsoft. It’s big news for search. For the first time in ages, the three major search companies in the US are all run by #CEOs who either came out of a search-background or have a solid understanding of it.

Despite the attention search has gained over the years, I feel like it still gets overlooked as the powerhouse it is. It’s responsible for about half of online ad spending in the US. It’s where the majority of Google’s money comes from. As I joke, Google Glass and those self-driving cars are being funded by ads about mesothelioma and payday loans.


What is the Good #KeywordDensity For Better SEO ?

23 Dec

What is the Good  #KeywordDensity For Better SEO ?


The #keyworddensity is one of the main factor of On Page SEO and can’t be ignored.So How much Keyword Density is ideal For better SEO Performance ? I have asked this question several times during the Google Plus Hangouts. So this article is the combination of answers I got and my experience with Keyword Density. Many SEO Experts says that Keyword density between 2-3% is best for SEO Purpose. Using more keywords on a webpage may be taken as spam.


Google #PageRank Update Before Year End

7 Dec

 Google Shocks Webmasters By Updating Toolbar #PageRank Before Year End


Early this morning, #Google pushed out a Google Toolbar #PageRank update. This update shocked webmasters because no one expected it, at least not in 2013.As you may remember, the last Toolbar #PageRank update was over 10 months ago on February 4th. As I said at the six-month point, it was unusually for Google not to push out a #PageRank update quarterly. Then Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, told us there won’t be a PageRank update before 2014 – or at least he thought so.The Google Toolbar PageRank values have been updated. I guess the upper management, executives, or Larry Page, didn’t want PageRank to go away after all.




29 Nov