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How Much present Business Growth More Help in Social Media?

5 Jun

Previously, it was important to create a website in order to get a great online presence. But the days have changed and now people are using the social media for the same purpose. There are a number of benefits of using the social media, but before that it is necessary to ensure that you know the way to use it.


The main way through which social media optimization can help is that it offers the business owners an effective way to reach to the potential clients. These days, the majority of the people go online to use the social media to contact with others. Besides, the social media strategies offered by the SMO services India are the best for smaller companies as they become capable of competing on the more or less level with the large corporations.


Another great feature of the social media strategy is that the companies can use this to build a great relationship with the loyal customers. Often the business owners also use this technique to inform the potential clients about the new product or service launch and about the availability of new deals or discounts. As a whole, it is possible for the business owners to use the social media in a number of ways by just using the imagination.


Authors Bio: Ravi Kant Chawla is a social media optimization expert and has been blogging with the inventive content for SMO services India, which has proved to be helpful for the different SMO learners .


SEO/SMO services in Delhi

22 Apr

SEO/SMO services in Delhi are in plenty and help website builders market and promote their web pages to a great extent. It is important the every website owner either hire an SEO/SMO agent for optimization or be an expert on their own.

How to choose among the many SEO/SMO companies in Delhi?

Every SEO company in Delhi has several features that one must consider and look into before hiring them. Of this two important features are listed below.

1.            Find out their expertise: The first and foremost step to take after narrowing down a list of SEO/SMO services in Delhi is to understand their previous experience and expertise. Different companies follow different methods of SEO/ SMO, understand these methods and finalize on what you want.


2.            Find out who would be working on your project: After choosing an SEO company in Delhi based on expertise the next step is to find out of their many experts who would be working on your projects. Make sure that this person is well experienced with your website theme and field. Remember that big companies sometimes just hand over work to trainees.

Start making a search now and get the best bang for your money!

Google’s Penguin Algorithm Comes In Different Levels Of Degrees?

11 Apr

Google’s Penguin Algorithm Comes In Different Levels Of Degrees?

It may be the case that some sites impacted by Google’s Penguin update may not be as impacted as the next. Meaning, Google’s algorithms may apply a different degree of the Penguin update (which may feel like a penalty) to one site over another.

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, posted on Twitter a message that implies that Google’s Penguin algorithm comes in different levels of degrees. His tweet was related to someone who was impacted by the algorithm and Matt Cutts responded to him saying “you still have a very mild case of Penguin.”

Here is Matt’s tweet:

Now, it is hard to say if Matt Cutts is implying that some of the site’s rankings have recovered as the site has improved their linking profile. But by Matt saying this site has a “very mild case of Penguin” it does somewhat imply that there are different levels of cases of being impacted by this algorithm.

So maybe not all cases of Penguin are the same? Maybe not all sites impacted by Penguin suffer the same outcome? Maybe there are levels of degrees with the Penguin algorithm.

Or maybe not, maybe Matt Cutts is just saying in short that he still has unnatural links and has some work to do to get out of the Penguin algorithm?


5 Steps To Help You Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn

8 Apr

Complete your profile

Most of the people you connect with through LinkedIn will be people you haven’t yet met in the flesh. Your LinkedIn profile provides a vital first impression, but it also serves as a sort of extended business card. If your contacts are considering hiring or working with you, they are going to refer back to your profile. There’s scope for including all sorts of different information so make the most of it and complete your profile. LinkedIn claims that users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through the site and, as there is a built-in ‘completeness’ guide, there’s really no excuse for leaving your profile half-finished.

Expand your contacts

Building contacts is what LinkedIn is all about. The number of contacts can be important, as this can increase the scope of possible opportunities, but the quality of connections is equally as important. When you start you can easily import pretty much any digital address book or contact list and match that with existing LinkedIn members. That gives you a good base to work from but you should always be looking to expand your contacts. Always personalize your message when sending a connection request and try to give a brief reason or explanation as to why you are sending it.

Research opportunities

LinkedIn provides a range of advanced search options that allow you to focus your efforts and search for specific opportunities. Use advanced search to explore specific industries, companies, and  prospects. Join relevant groups in your target market or sector and make your own profile information available for search engines to index.

Stay active

Think of LinkedIn as an ongoing party or networking event. Don’t be the wallflower hiding in the corner. Join in the conversation, but make sure you add value and not just idle chit-chat. It’s the ideal place to share news on events you are holding or developments within your business, but don’t make it just about yourself. Accompany your updates with industry-relevant news and links your contacts might find useful. Visit targeted profiles with your privacy settings off and you will leave a footprint. Most LinkedIn users are interested to see who has been viewing their profile and might respond in kind, potentially leading to a new connection.

Nurture relationships

Making sure you accompany each connection request or acceptance with a personalised message is a good way to make sure you start on the right foot. But maintaining relationships can be more challenging, especially if your connections run into the hundreds or even thousands. Luckily, LinkedIn can automatically make you aware of certain 


The Right Meta Tags. Integrating The Best SEO

31 Mar

Title tag, meta descriptions and meta keywords are essential part of a blog. Making sure that you use the best SEO approach towards having a calculated and effective result towards them is vital for a good position in SERPs. Even if Google doesn’t take into account the descriptions and ignores the meta keywords, other search engines still consider it and use this types of meta tags.

Title tag for the best SEO approach

It is crucial that there is a Title tag in the site but just as important is to not have it duplicate inside your blog. Repeating the same tag in different pages in your site will bring a negative effect on the appearance of your site. The title brings advantages to the positioning in SERPs of different Search Engine queries. The description usually shows the snippet in the result page and it is used to attract the attention of the visitor.

How to make things happen with Meta information

 If you are a Squirrly user then things are made to simplify your journey toward the best SEO approach. Implicitly, your title tag is the title of your article which is checked by the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant. That’s why you have the domain field in the right side. Your meta description for each page will be the first part of the article. The length is determined by how many characters the specific Search Engine let’s you have.

 If you do want to change the title tag and descriptions on your own do keep in mind the following :

  •  Do not repeat the title from other articles
  • Start the title with the main keywords
  • Do not copy your title in the description
  • In the meta description use phrases that will stir up the interest of the read
  • Make sure that the description is accurate for the page for the best SEO
  • Don’t surpass 75 characters in the title and 170 characters in the description in order to enter the Google snippet
  • Image

SEO Specialists and Consultants in India

29 Jan

SEO Specialists and Consultants in India


Not all #SEO companies in India and natively in #Delhi provide consultancy services in online promotion. Our diligent team of specialists, trained and professionally qualified provides you with a detailed approach towards #SEO building and internet marketing. They take care of the minutest details of your business and plan your online marketing strategy. Needless to say, these specialized practices help in the growth and development of your business.


Graphic Design and Print Media Company India

14 Nov

Graphic Design and Print Media


Acme Graphix as the name suggests is a graphic designing company dealing with varieties of designing from company logos to print ads and product catalogues. Our print package carries the same high name, as a lot depth and insight are put behind designs which are constructed by a very knowledgeable team. We come up with the best ideas to express the message in the most attractive form possible. To strengthen our relationship with the clients we provide everything at a decent cost.



14 Oct

#Why Seo Imporatnce for a Website ?

There is more to SEO than you possibly imagine. A business would only prosper in today’s era, if it has a good presence over the net and has Search Engine Optimization backing it up. It is only through SEO that search engines read and index websites. It is the most effective way of coming to the forefront and getting spotted by people all over the globe. Without the help of SEO, people might never know of your website. SEO is the process that helps the websites generate traffic volume.


Social Media Trends for 2014

11 Oct



#1. Social Media is a Necessity, not a luxury.

#2. Social media as part of an overall marketing campaign

#3. It’s a mobile world. 

#4. Get on Google+ 

#5. And maybe get off  Foursquare 

#6. Think images.

#7. Think video. 

#8. Ad Retargeting

#9. Native Advertising 



No More PageRank Updates This Year

8 Oct


 No More PageRank Updates This Year




Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, said on Twitteryesterday that Google won’t be pushing out a new Google Toolbar PageRank update this year.