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Google Panda 4.2 Update : Google On The Latest Panda Update

4 Sep

When Google told us they pushed out a Panda refresh in mid-July, Panda 4.2, there were a lot of questions from the industry about what was different in this Panda refresh compared to others.

Search Engine Land was able to ask Google to clarify some of those questions about the Panda 4.2 update and about Panda updates in general. Here are some of those FAQs related to Google Panda.

What’s New With Panda Now?

Google is doing the slowest rollout ever, taking several months rather than just a few days.

Why Is Google Going So Slowly?

Google said there are technical reasons for this, but it is not done with the purpose of confusing SEOs or webmasters.

Google also told us they are shifting their infrastructure towards more continuous changing and gradual rolling out of Panda, incorporated into their core ranking algorithms. Google said they are not there yet, but they’re moving in that direction, and these are the first steps in that direction.

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Social Media in Website Promotion

10 Jan

Role of Social Media in Website Promotion (SMO)



Internet is all about social media these days. It so happens, that people discuss about companies and their services over the net. If you do not take a plunge into the social media, then you risk losing your potential customers. These days, merely having a website would not suffice. Your business needs a social media presence to lure customers.

Advertising through social media

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube are best suited for small businesses and websites. People spend a notable amount of their quality time, interacting with people over social networking sites, and hence there can be no better place to be, to get their attention. These would help the sites come to the forefront and be noticed by others. These would help the websites gain some online traffic.


SEO important for a website

7 Jan

Why is SEO important for a website? 



There is more to #SEO than you possibly imagine. A business would only prosper in today’s era, if it has a good presence over the net and has Search Engine Optimization backing it up. It is only through SEO that search engines read and index websites. It is the most effective way of coming to the forefront and getting spotted by people all over the globe. Without the help of #SEO, people might never know of your website. SEO is the process that helps the websites generate traffic volume.