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Could digital motion sickness become increasingly common?

30 Sep

Could digital motion sickness become increasingly common?

Earlier this month Apple faced criticism over their new operating system iOS 7 when some users said the redesigned interface made them feel sick.

Similar complaints have been made in the past by people who watched 3D films in the cinema – one of the reasons the technology has failed to take off in the way some predicted.

The affliction is believed to be a modern-day version of the motion sickness which affects some people when they travel by boat, car and plane.


Hashtags Now in Google Search Results,

26 Sep


#Hashtags Now in Google Search Results, Bringing you Google+ Posts

Google announced that Google search will now support #Hashtags which would fetch Google+ posts on search results pages. When comparing the recent Google updates, you will know that it is an uncluttered fact that Google is synchronizing Google+ with all its assets. After the Authorship markup, there came a new era and now Google+ posts on results pages will get Google+ a massive hike.


Facebook Ad Changes: This Week in Social Media

25 Sep

Facebook Ad Changes: This Week in Social Media

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Ads Get New Formats: Facebook advertisers now have more options in ad sizes to choose from to best suit their needs. ”The changes mostly impact page post link ads, page like ads, offers ads and event ads, because these ad formats weren’t originally designed to work across all placements on #Facebook.


Web Development Comapny India

24 Sep

web designer vs web developer


Instagram your images using Photoshop

20 Sep

Quick Tips: Instagram your images using Photoshop


Instagram reinvented the photo sharing on our social media structure. It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your pictures to friends and family. And what I like the most about Instagram, are the various schemes that offers you to filter your pictures with your own little touch.


Creation of Top Color Transition in Photoshop

19 Sep

Creation of Top Color Transition in Photoshop


Quality website designing services in Delhi

17 Sep

Quality website designing services in Delhi

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